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James Martinez Performance Horses

White JMPH Brand

Training, Reining, Cutting, Roping, Colt starting, Lessons, and Sales 

James Martinez, www.JMPH.Horse

Horse Trainer James Martinez


Balance, Energy, Timing

Black and white image of James Martinez showing a demonstrating  low energy body language as he approaches a young horse with being touched on the shoulder
James Martinez saddling a yiung red roan filly
James Martinez on a black Horse ponying a new colt touchoing its head to reassure it.

JMPH horsemanship

My horsemanship is based on 

balance, energy and timing. 

My foundation goal is to bring horses and their riders together in a partnership of trust, communication and harmony.

 I developed my approach to  horsemanship by breaking down training to the simplest common denominators. I've learned that by utilizing energy, balance and timing that intent can be communicated based on the horses understanding of communication cultivating  harmonious environment of learning through trust.  

 One of the many things that makes my program unique for a horse under my tutelage is that first they learn how to learn. This is a quiet process of give and take. Once trust and communication have been established we have the tools in place to continue in any Discipline.



Photo Of James Marrtinez  riding Hemp at worlds greatest horsemantaken by Primo Moralez depicting James Martinez holding a cow away from the herd in a working cow horse competition

Stay Positive!

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