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Training is not just about the horse, it's about the trainer

Worlds Greatest Horseman James Martines_

 I am passionate about helping horses and their owners grow together. My approach focuses on energy, balance, and timing. I strive to create a positive, supportive environment for the horse, where they can learn and grow. I believe in working with the horse in a soft, kind manner that respects the horse’s energy, while also communicating my intent clearly. With the right environment and technique, I can help horses reach their full potential.

James Martinez letting Horse Smell the Saddle

My training program is not just a training program for horses, but a program I live by in my everyday life. From the moment I step out of bed I am training not only horses but myself.  As I developed my training program over the years, I broke it down to simplicity.


What do I want from this horse? How do I communicate my intent and how do I help the horse think a good part of what it is doing is its idea?

Colt Starting

James Martinez Settling a young colt by walking away
James Martinez Introducing a Halter to Horse
James Martinez Haltering a young Horse

I began questioning my experience in hindsight. Studying my mistakes over the years and examining the circumstances that led up to them. Was that horse really a rogue or stupid or stubborn?  Was there a failure to communicate on my side? Did I fail that horse.

James Martinez Flagging a young horse
James Martinez "Learn more from Failure than you do from Victory"

I had to ask myself  hard questions and  be humble enough to accept the answer that perhaps the traditional ways that so many of us have accepted as the gospel of horsemanship are not necessarily the most effective.  Sure, they get results. but at what cost? How much better would the horses of my past been if I improved my own way of thinking to mirror theirs instead?

When I quit focusing on breaking horses and began directing my energy, focusing on intent and communication a whole new world opened up.  The transformation in my horses confidence was obvious. They were no longer mimicking but truly learning with a retention that built into the next step .

The proof speaks for itself.


James Martinez Sliding Stop


James Martinez team Roping


James Martinez Cutting a cow from herd

Working Cow-Horse

James Martinez on horse Holding a Cow away from herd

Training $1500.00 a month

Problem Solving

James Martinez Performance Horses, JMPH, Colt Training, Mexican American Professional , Horse Problem Solving, Cowboys
James Martinez Saddling a Roan Filly
James Martinez Riding Young Roan Filly


James Martinez Performance Horses, JMPH, Colt Training, Mexican American Professional , Reining Horse


James Martinez Performance Horses, JMPH, Colt Training, Mexican American Professional  Team Roping
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